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How To Transfer Land Title or Torrens Title in Philippines

Here are some basic steps in transferring Title in your name;

  • Prepare the following documents
  • Notarized Deed of Sale
  • Official Receipts of Notarization of the Deed of Sale
  • Photocopy of government issued ID’s by the Seller and Buyer
  • Certified true Copy of Title and Tax Declaration
  • Vicinity map and Lot plan
  • Tax Clearance
  • Cerificate of No – Improvements (for vacant lot)
  • Updated Tax Reciepts
  • Acknowledegment Reciept of Full payment by the Seller
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) of Buyer and Seller
  • Duly filled up BIR Form(s) for;
    1. One Time Registration of TIN for Buyer and Seller/ Application of Registration
    2. Capital Gains Tax Form
    3. Documentary Stamp Tax Form
  • Present the applicable documents to BIR for determination and computation of tax due.
  • Proceed to BIR accredited Banks for payment of tax due.
  • Pay required fees to BIR.
  • Submit related documents together with Bank reciept of payments to secure C.A.R.

When the BIR released the Certificate Authorizing Registration or C.A.R. then you may now proceed to the Registry of Deed to apply for a new Title in your name.


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