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Frequently Asked Questions about Calyx Residences

What does “green” mean?
Green is universally understood to mean ecology-driven initiatives integrated in design and function that respect the environment and harness natural elements to enhance life while reducing energy consumption. In effect, reduce carbon footprint and the harmful effects of green house gas on our atmosphere that has triggered global warming.

What does Calyx Mean?
In Botany, it is the green outer whorl of leaves that hold the flower in place. It is the inspiration for the conceptual intent of Calyx Centre and Calyx Residences that embody environmental design philosophy to enhance and support life.

What are the amenities of the condominium?

  • The Aqua Deck, Cebu’s first high-rise rooftop swimming pool with infinity view
  • Sky Lounge and garden on the 28th floor equipped with a Gourmet Kitchen
  • Fitness Gym on the ground floor
  • Landscaped gardens and reflecting pool
  • 3 High speed elevators including a service elevator that can fit furniture
  • Laundromat with washers and dryers
  • Green mobile shuttle service for residents to and from Ayala Centre mall
  • Reception Area and Lobby Lounge
  • 24-hour security
  • Electronic Pass cards for security and privacy
  • What are the basic and built in finishes of the units?
  • 60×60 cm or 24″x24″ porcelain (homogenous) tiles
  • Granite kitchen counter top with stainless steel sink
  • Kitchen Cabinets with Melamine (carcass) doors in duco white finish
  • Closet for washing machine or additional storage
  • American Standard bathroom fixtures
  • Dual flush water closet
  • Bedroom closets
  • Solid wood main doors
  • Painted cement walls and ceilings
  • Operable windows
  • Provisions for inverter type Air conditioners, window or split model according to size of units
  • Water Sprinkler
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Electronic Pass Card system for security
  • Telephone Jacks
  • Cable ready outlets
  • Where is Calyx Residences located and what is the size of the lot?
  • The lot is 1,517 sq.m. located in the residential enclave of the Cebu Business Park, two blocks from Ayala Center Mall.

How many floors does the building have and what is the total number of units?
The 26th and 28th floors have 8 Penthouse Units each. Each typical floor has 15 residential units from the 20th to the 25th floor; 7 studio units in one wing and 8 studio units in the other. The footprint of the residential floors is 622.21sq.m. There are 5 Garden Lanai Suites on the 9th floor which is the top of the podium. The podium has 7 floors for parking of 155 cars.

What are the different types of units?

  • Each typical floor has 7 Studio units with an area of 26sq.m.
  • 4 special merged units with area of 62 to 73sq.m.
  • The Penthouse units range in size from 99.7sq.m. to 152.05sq.m.
  • Lanai Garden Suites have 4 two-bedroom units and 1 three bedroom units with areas of 70.99sq.m. to 108.94sq.m. excluding the private garden which range in size from 36sq.m. to 48sq.m.

What is the ceiling height of the typical unit?
The ceiling is 2.9 meters high.

What is the average price?
Price is pegged at P85, 000/sq.m. with premium on 16 to 18th floor in the 2nd tranche.

What are the payment terms?
Various options are available. Spot cash gets a 10% discount. Installment terms are offered from 24 months to 36 months spread without interest for total contract price and bank financing for balance after equity. Contact us for details.

Can a foreigner purchase a unit?
Yes, up to 40% of total residential units.

How much is the association dues?
At current rates, the indicative price is P60-80/sq.m. monthly.

Do you have a generator?
Yes, 2 generators with a capacity of 600 KVA each.

Do you have an office or showroom?
Yes, at the 15th floor of the TGU Tower in Asiatown IT Park.

When is the turn-over date?
Target completion date is 36 months after start of the construction.

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Colorado Homes Liloan Cebu

Colorado Homes CebuAn affordable housing development made of stone bricks that can provide more comfortable temperature especially during very warm seasons. Situated in the serene town of Liloan, its residents will surely find peace in this community. With this new development, they continues to uphold its vision to provide quality homes within the easy reach of the average Cebuano family.

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148 Residences Cebu

148 Residences offers 148 studio-type modular units, which buyers can join together for more space. Each come finished with tile flooring and bathroom fixtures. Retail establishments such as a convenience store and a coffee shop will occupy the first floor, and the building comes with one level of basement parking.

148 Residences is an unmatched residential condominium development in downtown Cebu City that is ready for occupancy by November 2012.

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Midori Residences Mandaue

It s proudly introduce to you the newest Condominium development located in Mandaue City, Cebu called Midori Residences a spin-off project of Cebu Land Masters after the efficacious unveiling of its zen-inspired sister development, the Midori Plains in Tungkop, Minglanilla.

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San Remigio Beach Resort for Rent

CDM Beach Hotel and/or Golf Club are open for a 2-year lease. The Lease can be prolonged by mutual consent before the end of term. The Owner’s desire is to sell the Resort and the Lessee shall be amenable to let prospective Buyers inspect the resort. read more

Hotel Lease
The leased property is comprised of 6 Bungalows on the Beach, 20 suite/room units in the hotel building (total of 27 rooms), Office and Lounge building, Coffee shop building, pool, kitchen building, shower house and Bistro building with terrace. The Penthouse, #10, will be kept for the Owners to use on weekends. The DiveShop will be used for the Golf Course as Check-in facility.

The Lessee shall do no construction on the leased property. The Lessee shall pay all operative and maintenance expenses.

The rental is a fixed 2-year term, paid in advance in the amount of USD 240,000.

A security deposit in the amount of USD 100,000 will be required.

Golf Course Rental
The Golf Course is offered for rental for a fixed term of 2 years. The rental includes Irrigation System, pumps, generator, tanks, pond but no turf equipment.

8 experienced staff will remain and be transferred to the employ of the Lessee. The Lessee can easily hire additional staff experienced in golf course maintenance.

Turf Mowing equipment can be leased or purchased from the Owner or operated by Owner staff for a modest amount. 12 Golf Carts can be purchased or Leased from the Owner. All operative expenses, electric bills, payroll, pump repair, etc shall be paid by Lessee.

The rental for 24 month is USD 120,000 payable in advance. A security deposit in the amount of USD 50,000 will be required.

Hotel and Golf Course rental
Rental of both Hotel and Golf Course for 2 year fixed term will render a discounted rate of 10%. Total cost for 2 year will be USD 324,000, (USD 13,500/month).

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USA Urgent Jobs

International Business Machine(IBM) is looking for great people like you. We have wide range of interesting and exciting employment opportunities. It’s as easy as clicking on the link below to search and apply.


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We translate these advanced technologies into value for our customers through our professional solutions, services and consulting businesses worldwide.

International Business Machines, abbreviated IBM and nicknamed “Big Blue”, is a multinational computer technology and IT consulting corporation headquartered in Armonk, New York, United States. The company is one of the few information technology companies with a continuous history dating back to the 19th century. IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware and software (with a focus on the latte…r), and offers infrastructure services, hosting services, and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. Samuel J. Palmisano is the chairman and CEO of IBM.

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No Equity Promo for Deca Homes Mactan

New Deca Homes Mactan 4 and 5 offers you a quality low cost housing development at affordable rate.  Deca Homes unit at second floor has no partitions, but can accommodate two(2) bedrooms.

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Beach Hotel For Sale at 100M Only

The Resort is about a two-hour and fifteen minute drive from Mactan International Airport or from the City. The first 110 kilometer road is concrete, the local entrance road is a 1km sand road and through the golf course is concrete. The resort is situated in San Remigio, on the west coast, by the Tanon Strait facing Bantayan island.

The entire San Remigio area was declared Tourist Zone by the Municipal Government 20 years ago and today the local government is supporting the project to promote the entire area for tourism development.

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