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San Remigio Beach Resort for Rent

CDM Beach Hotel and/or Golf Club are open for a 2-year lease. The Lease can be prolonged by mutual consent before the end of term. The Owner’s desire is to sell the Resort and the Lessee shall be amenable to let prospective Buyers inspect the resort. read more

Hotel Lease
The leased property is comprised of 6 Bungalows on the Beach, 20 suite/room units in the hotel building (total of 27 rooms), Office and Lounge building, Coffee shop building, pool, kitchen building, shower house and Bistro building with terrace. The Penthouse, #10, will be kept for the Owners to use on weekends. The DiveShop will be used for the Golf Course as Check-in facility.

The Lessee shall do no construction on the leased property. The Lessee shall pay all operative and maintenance expenses.

The rental is a fixed 2-year term, paid in advance in the amount of USD 240,000.

A security deposit in the amount of USD 100,000 will be required.

Golf Course Rental
The Golf Course is offered for rental for a fixed term of 2 years. The rental includes Irrigation System, pumps, generator, tanks, pond but no turf equipment.

8 experienced staff will remain and be transferred to the employ of the Lessee. The Lessee can easily hire additional staff experienced in golf course maintenance.

Turf Mowing equipment can be leased or purchased from the Owner or operated by Owner staff for a modest amount. 12 Golf Carts can be purchased or Leased from the Owner. All operative expenses, electric bills, payroll, pump repair, etc shall be paid by Lessee.

The rental for 24 month is USD 120,000 payable in advance. A security deposit in the amount of USD 50,000 will be required.

Hotel and Golf Course rental
Rental of both Hotel and Golf Course for 2 year fixed term will render a discounted rate of 10%. Total cost for 2 year will be USD 324,000, (USD 13,500/month).

more info about Beach Resort for Rent

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