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Beach Hotel For Sale at 100M Only

The Resort is about a two-hour and fifteen minute drive from Mactan International Airport or from the City. The first 110 kilometer road is concrete, the local entrance road is a 1km sand road and through the golf course is concrete. The resort is situated in San Remigio, on the west coast, by the Tanon Strait facing Bantayan island.

The entire San Remigio area was declared Tourist Zone by the Municipal Government 20 years ago and today the local government is supporting the project to promote the entire area for tourism development.

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Calicoan Ocean Villas

Calicoan Ocean VillasInspired by unique South Pacific Artistry fusing traditional Asian Tropical and modern design influences,the villas are trully well designed residential and vacation homes,fully fitted, fully furnished,and featuring distinctive rooflines and interior design elements brought together in a pleasing harmonious fashion supremely adapted to tropical lifestyle.