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Deca Homes, Quality Homes

Dreaming of an affordable quality home? Now, it’s finally within your reach. Here at DECA Homes Mactan, we bring you a golden opportunity of having your ultimate dream house in no time!

Aside from its high-class tourism industry marque, Mactan Island—where DECA Homes Mactan is situated, is home to a diverse collection of tourist spots and attractions making it one of the best choices you can make as you look for a permanent place to reside.

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Deca Homes 5 Elevation

Base on Google Earth data, Deca Homes 5 elevation is from 11ft to 15ft above sea level. more info on Deca Homes Mactan

Deca Homes 4 future PUJ route

Deca Homes 4 Mactan, has two entrance and exit points with multiple access road from Buaya and Carmelites, Mactan Hospital and Kandingan. The aviation road soon to open for jeepnies two way route from Tamiya, Buaya to Hi-way and Mercado Opon. more on Deca Homes Mactan

Deca Homes Mactan Price Increase?

Due to increase of reservations and new easy payment scheme, deca homes mactan 4 and 5 expected to increase this coming August 2011. more info about Deca Homes Mactan

Deca CTS Gold Payment

Deca Homes / 8990 Development corporation launching new payment schemes called CTS Gold…

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Deca Homes 4 Mactan Pre-selling

Deca Homes 4 Mactan

Deca 4 Mactan

Deca Homes 4 Mactan offers you a quality low cost housing development at affordable rate. These housing projects are also near the Mactan Cebu International Airport (MCIA). Deca Homes 4 Mactan additional blocks on pre-selling.